O20190220_110654-1-1n this special occasion Mrs Patricia Rene, the chairperson of HPC has this special message:

“During this difficult and challenging time, the Health Professionals Council takes this opportunity to anounciate its best wishes to all allied health professionals and other health workers on the occasion of World Health Workers Day. Despite it not being celebrated as per tradition, I want to show my sincere appreciation as it is clear that YOU are very devoted towards the work you are currently tasked with – pouring your hearts and sweat into ensuring that the population remains as safe as possible. And for that we thank you.
We want to extend you our encouragement and support; we are in this together. Yes, we believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, as we battle triumphantly may we display not only our leadership and hardmanship but also our ethical reponsibilities and professionalism. May together we shine bright as we tackle this pandemic with all our energy and strength.  Together we can do this and together we will triumph.”
Happy World Health Workers day…


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