The Optometrist will perform the following visual assessments during your child’s vision test:

  1. Visual Acuity Test

Visual acuity refers to the sharpness of one’s eyesight. The size of all letters in a row is smaller than the row above. Besides each row is a fraction. The top half of the fraction (numerator)stands for how many feet the person is standing from the chart (usually 20 feet). The bottom half of the fraction (denominator) shows how far away a person with normal visual acuity can stand from the chart and still read the symbol. Refraction refers to the way light waves are bent as they pass through your cornea and lens (front surface of the eye). A refraction assessment helps your Optometrist to determine if you need vision correction as well as the corrective lens prescription that will help to give you the sharpest, clearest vision.

  1. Ophthalmoscopy (Fundoscopy)

This test will be performed to identify any retinal abnormalities when it is evident during the visual acuity test. When your Optometrist will put special eye drops in your eyes to have a better view with dilation. (Increase the size of your pupil). You’ll be asked to wait a few minutes for the solution to take effect. You may notice during this time that light seems much brighter. Then your doctor will shine a light into your eye.

Why You Need An Eye Test

We have noted that parents neglect to take their children to the vision & eye care specialist at early ages because they think it is not necessary.

  • It is very important to have regular vision & eye exams as it helps to detect and determine if any weakness or abnormality is present with their Vision and Eye. There are instances where children have lost the vision for their life.
  • Optometrists are intended to facilitate the identification of children with common problems as early as possible, when the treatment is most effective, thus supporting educational achievements.
  • The ability to see greatly impacts students’ ability to learn. Screening for vision problems is an appropriate and important part of school health services, largely carried out by competent eye care professionals.

Therefore, you should not neglect the PERIODICAL EYE &VISION EXAMINATIONS, scheduled by your vision & Eye Care professional.

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