Mrs Patricia Rene, a physiotherapist by profession recently announced her retirement from the Ministry of Health. Mrs Rene worked for countless years for the health industry and has held different positions within the Ministry of Health; physiotherapist, Director of Rehabilitation Services and of late was the Chief Allied Health Officer. She has contributed enormously towards the health industry and has provided guidance and extended her support to patients, clients, staff members from various professions.

Mrs Rene is also a firm believer in equal rights and equity and has dedicated a great portion of her life fighting and advocating for the rights of persons living with disabilities. She has also seen the birth and still contributing towards the growth of the Health Professional Council as a chairperson and an ordinary member.

On the day prior to her retirement, Mrs Rene wrote:

“As I close an important chapter of my life and start a new one as from tomorrow 1st September 2021, I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Ministry of Health and to all those whom I have worked and interacted with during my long career in Health. Thinking back, I will hold on to great and beautiful memories.


To all Allied Health Professionals, a special thank you for your support and shared guidance, we are a great team, keep up the good spirit. I will miss you all but I will be available if ever a listening ear is needed.

To all Health Workers, the Ministry of Health is a great Ministry with its challenges but together we have climbed mountains. Best wishes to all and good luck in the noble task of caring for our people. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to serve my country alongside such a great team.

God’s Blessing now and always”

Mrs Rene continues to extend her services to the HPC and the HPC team wishes her the very best

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