Dear All,

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that health personnel are deployed efficiently and effectively to respond to the infection and to ensure the continuing operations of essential and priority health care services. With the declaration of a public health emergency, it becomes necessary to deploy staff to where they best serve these two objectives. This may require some staff members to be allocated responsibilities and duties that are different from their usual post, but which are within their professional expertise and competence.

I urge all health professionals to respond positively to any such deployment, and I trust that you do so in the spirit of solidarity with your colleagues and united in the national effort to respond to this unprecedented situation.

I know that many of you are working very  hard and sometimes in difficult circumstances. You have my greatest admiration and I thank you for your devotion and commitment. As we face this emergency together, let me assure you that your efforts to care for others are recognised and valued. Let me also reassure you that the wellbeing of all our staff is also of the utmost importance and that you will receive the support and assistance you need to keep yourselves safe and in good health.


Amb. Marie-Pierre Lloyd

Secretary of State,

Department of Health

Mont Fleuri