This year, we are concentrating on Monitoring visits for Allied Health professionals at the Ministry of Health and Education. So be prepared and watch out for our LME team.

The LME Team is as follows.

Morison Julie (Mr.) Marie-Michelle Lailam (Ms.) Samantha Camille (Ms.)
Jeanne Fanny Al-Abdulla (Mrs.) Patricia Rene (Mrs.) Shamini Naidu (Ms.)
Marie-Antoine Bethew (Mrs.) Michelle Marguerite (Ms.) Cynthia Sanders (Ms.)
Laetitia Adrienne (Ms.) Eddy Marie (Mr.)

The team is therefore calling on all registrants to ensure that they have a valid registration which is of paramount importance to their scope of practice. Therefore, have your identification badges always at hand. Additionally, we will also be collecting additional information whilst on the ground to ensure an updated register of applicants, practices/establishments. This also forms part of implementing different SOP’s developed by HPC.

Lastly, monitoring of conduct and performance to ensure the protection of the public remains one key aspect of the council. So calling on all to ensure that we are all practicing effectively and lawfully within your scope of practice. In the year 2022, visits were conducted on privately owned Allied Health Practice.

Figure 1 represents the statistics for the different Allied Health Practice visits from 2021 to 2022.


Contributor: Jeanne Fanny Al-Abdulla (Mrs.) Head of Legal, Monitoring & Enforcement