Health Minister’s Message on the occasion of the Internationals Allied Health Professions Day

“Right skills for the right patient at the right time matter”

For the first time in Seychelles allied health professionals are celebrating the International Allied Health Professions Day. This celebration on the October 14 aspires to bring the different cadres of allied health professionals together to reflect on their contribution to health and for them to be inspired by the further influence the allied health professions can wield for the advancement of the well-being of humanity.

Internationally, the commemoration of this day is fairly recent. It only began in 2018. Nevertheless, allied health professionals in Seychelles have been the backbone of the health system since times immemorial -working in prevention, care and rehabilitation and even outside of the health system. Wherever, allied health professionals are, they make a difference that is truly impactful.

The celebration of the allied health professions day in Seychelles emphasizes the importance of allied health professions in our health system. As much as nurses and midwives, as much as doctors and dentists, allied health professionals play a pivotal role at all levels of care. They bring profound knowledge and a multitude of unique skills to the health care environment, often making prevention, diagnosis, care and recovery much easier and much faster.

In Seychelles, the first law to regulate allied health professions came into being in 2006 but it was only several years later, that Seychelles appointed the first Allied Health Professionals Council to regulate the allied professions.

Since then, life for allied health professionals have never been the same. The allied professional group has grown from strength to strength, pushing and pulling continuous professional development, innovating and breaking barriers. I was in the national assembly recently to answer questions about the allied health professions and their schemes of service. What I said then rings true today. More than ever before, we value allied health professionals as important assets of our health system and we continue to advocate with relentless vigour, for their continuous professional development and their welfare.

The Ministry of Health pays tribute to the enormous contribution of allied health professionals in maintaining and improving the quality of health care. As Minister for Health, I ask you to indeed bring light wherever you are – the right skills for the right patient at the right time.