If you have been staying abreast of the current development in the Seychelles you would have been notified that the corona virus 2019 is presently in the Seychelles. Many health professionals are working tirelessly to help ensure that minimum portion of the population is impacted and updates are being disseminated by the public health personnel to help ensure that the public are well informed on the situation of the COVID-19 infection rate and other information vital to the general public are being passed on.

The general public is being encouraged to listen to the information being given to the general public by the health authorities. The health professionals are being encouraged to adhere to the highest level of precautionary measures to ensure that their health status are not being compromised.

The HPC thanks all health professionals working to ensure that Seychelles remains minimally affected and implores that the general public listens and adhere to regulations being put in place

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STEPS FOR HAND WASHING (Courtesy of WHO) #WHOhandwashingchallenge

#besafestaysafe #washyourhands