Corinne Ryan
“My name is Corinne Ryan. I am a pharmacist by profession. I was also the registrar and member of the HPC previously. I am interested to join the Health Professionals Council again as I feel that my previous experience, exposure and knowledge can help contribute to the fast growing council.
Emelyn Shroff

“My name is Emelyn Shroff and I hold a Ph.D. in Life Sciences with post-doctoral experience in the field of cancer genetics. I am currently working with the Public Health Authority as the Director of Research. I have a vast research experience in biomedical and operational research working internationally and locally.  If elected, I would promote for HPC to continue operating at a high level of professionalism and ensure that competent candidates are registered to deliver high standards and quality of services to the population of Seychelles.”

Emma Cadeau

“During my two years working as a Provisional Psychologist at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, I came to appreciate the importance of collaborating with other allied health professionals to continue to maintain as well as improve the standards set for service delivery. As a council member, I would contribute the perspective of an allied health professional working outside of the government health system, and I would consider cadres that are least represented within the council. I am driven, with significant communication, conceptual and organizational skills. I am well versed in regard to issues of confidentiality; my aim is to model high standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in the work that I deliver.  Honesty, respect, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness are values I maintain and wish to pass on to my colleagues. I am confident that I will be an upstanding participant in upholding the standards of practice for all allied health professionals.”

Gerard Louange [Optometrist]

1)  Dedication and longtime passion for the Allied Health profession, in general

2)  Longtime experiences as committee member and past-president of a professional   association.

3)  Ready to share skills and expertise acquired overseas in professional regulation laws and ethics.

4)  Great ability to work in as a team member.

5)  Devotion to contributing to the country’s improvement of its professional health and allied standards.


Hermann Holst

“My name is Hermann Holst and I am the owner of Vision Care Seychelles. I have been practicing for more than 35 years and have been in the country for 18 years now.

I do have a strong interest that the level of our health and allied health system does not decline and needs to be regulated. I am a firm believer in quality health care and the protection of the population against mal practice. I have served on the board of the International School of Seychelles for three years and I have been one of the first members of the Allied Health Council.”

Jeanne Fanny-Al-Abdulla

“My name is Jeanne Fanny-Al-Abdulla. I have a BSC in Biomedical Sciences and I am a registered Laboratory Technologist. I am currently working as a lecturer at the National Institute for health and social studies (NIHSS), where I have been teaching in the same field for 13 years. If I am elected as a HPC member, I wish to bring more sensitization of HPC regulations to the students so that they can be instilled with the savoir-fairs of a good HPC members at the earliest.”

Laetitia Adrienne

“Thank you very much for nominating me on the Health Professional Council.

Being a young professional, I have since joining the Department of Health, devoted myself in upholding its ethical values. I would therefore, be very honoured to serve on the Council in the furtherance of its mission of ensuring the competency of all health professionals in Seychelles and ably assist in elevating the standard.

I believe that by working diligently with other members of the Council, my contribution in sharing novel ideas would enhance the excellent work presently being undertaken by the latter. I am prepared for any responsibility that would significantly contribute towards much more energy and ideas for a better coordination and advancement of our allied health professionals.”

Laureen Larue

“A highly dedicated, ambitious young woman. Capable of demonstrating good working ethics, accuracy and efficiency. Hold excellent capabilities as a team player in the use of creativities. Head strong and highly passionate about others, with great communication and interpersonal abilities and are excellent in solving problems. With your vote! The Creative soul will help HPC Council to move forward for a better future.”

Leeroy Gedeon

“Having served the public as a Biomedical Laboratory Technician for 10 years, I believe being a member of the council will enable me to better promote my profession, raise the standards and assure that quality assurance is met. If elected this will also enable me to be a voice to express the concerns in the hope of improving any short comings of my fellow registrants.”

Lisa Chetty

“I have been practicing Optometry for the past 17 years. My experience spans both within the National Health Service and the private sector. I practiced Optometry in the UK for a number of years and later returned to Seychelles. I have been working in my private Optometry Clinic for the past 4 years and also dedicating my time as a member of the Health Professional Council.

Over the last two years, the Health Professional Council has achieved many goals that it has set; standard operating procedures to ensure consistency in all operations conducted by the council, amendments of the Health Professional Act, ensuring continuing professional development of every member as examples. Over the last few months, I have dedicated time to our new Strategic Plan for the next five years and continuity of the work is of utmost importance to achieve our mission of “protecting the public by promoting the highest professional standards.” I will continue to commit my time to the Health Professional Council so that we can keep moving forward, reaching each single milestone ahead of us.”

Maeve Carolus 

“Maeve Carolus senior dental therapist obtained certificate in dental therapy in 1984 from the School of Dental Therapy – Tasmania Australia.  She completed her studies in Bachelor of dental therapy November 2019 with the University of, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Started employment 1979 and has 41 years working experience with the Ministry of Health. She has held the posts of dental surgery assistant, dental therapist and dental therapist/hygienist.

She has experience in; practicing dentistry on children in both, health centres and school settings, planning and coordinating of oral health promotion activities at both national and community level for the school dental services. As a health professional she is committed to serving our people with the highest possible standard of practice and care upheld by the Council. She is also dedicated to providing support to health professionals and addressing issues affecting them.”

Marie Michelle Lailam

“The main purpose of the Health Professional Council is to protect the public – standards of proficiency, regulating performance… All of the above is as per expectation of any Health Professional Council, but a key point that I personally would like to emphasize on, is that ultimately the council through its various functions is in fact upholding and uplifting the standards of Health Professions it is registering. I would like to ensure that these standards are being excelled and maintained to their highest, and to their latest updates. If a scope of practice needs to be updated, broaden; it has to be a priority. I would appreciate the opportunity to act as a communication hub for clients, patients, registrants for all professions for the benefit of the public and indirectly the health professionals. THE VOICE.”

Melina Amedee

“My name is Melina Amedee, a speech pathologist by profession and also a current HPC board member where I actively ensured regular publication of HPC newsletters, and Facebook page and website updates. I am a passionate and hardworking individual who strongly believes that allied health professions and its professionals merit strong visibility and the highest possible level of recognition as they are the core of the health system. I strive to aspire, empower and elevate the people I work with so that we move forward as a team through active engagement and collaborative effort, effecting the change needed for development and growth.  Vote for me, vote for progression.”

Monica Desir

“My name is Monica Desir and I am a Biomedical Laboratory Technologist. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science 2 years ago and since then I have been working in the Microbiology department of the Clinical laboratory at the Seychelles hospital. I contemplate myself as a person with clarity, decisiveness, exhibit courage, display compassion and possess humility. My daily task involves performing routine tests which helps in the management of a patient’s health and also contribute to the quality management of the department and the laboratory. Like any other allied health professions our role are not widely advocated and promoted which I believe needs to be changed. Driven by passion and ambition I’m aiming to pursue a master’s degree within the next few years and hopefully develop my department towards a more automated approach. Apart from work, I love to read books, watch movies and hang out with my loved ones.”

Morison Julie

“I am diligent and enthusiastic Biomedical Laboratory Technologist, who is very passionate about my field of work. I work in the Clinical laboratory department, specifically in blood transfusion serology lab.  As a new elected member of the HPC, I will undoubtedly help promote employment and professional standards for Seychelles members of Allied Health professionals. And further advocate and encourage with the actual standards that covers health professionals’ education and training, behavior, and their professional skills.”

Nadia Valentin

“Actually serving a two-year mandate on the council, I have had the opportunity to share, participate in various initiatives and projects with a great team. During that time HPC has started an important job of upgrading standards through the development of SOP’s to ensure such are established and maintained. Therefore, another mandate with the council will ensure continuity of this process.

I am also a strong believer in continuous development as being advocated by HPC, through this platform I am therefore in the unique position to serve its many causes better.”

Nicholas Atala

“Upholding the standards of health services by monitoring staff performances. Finding new ways to promote health services and reinforcing ethical issues relating to patient confidentiality.”

Rose-may Benoit Ready

“I am a competent and hardworking individual who is passionate about improving the health system and I share the vision of the Health Professionals Council. I will play a vital role in ensuring that we, as health professionals, promote and uphold the service that we provide to the highest level. Together we can improve our standards and guarantee that the public is satisfied with what we have to offer across all scope of practice. Vote for continued success in the Seychelles health care system!”
Shurley Ann Mothee

“I am a hardworking, flexible and honest individual with a good sense of humor, I have experienced working as part of a team and individually. If I am elected I will be able to advocate for my fellow colleagues that may have issues related to work.”