On Saturday 13th July 2019, a group of Allied Health Professionals gathered at the AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resourt & Spa to attend the Seychelles major Primary Health Care Conference. The 3-day conference was held from the 11-13th July, under the theme “Lasante Pour Nou Tou, Partou e Par Nou Tou” and was an initiative of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The conference provided participants  and key stakeholders the platform needed to reflect on strengths, weaknesses and brainstorm the way forward. Allied Health Professionals who attended the conference had the opportunity to voice out their concerns and opinions, as well as put forward recommendations for change.

Most Allied Health Professionals welcomed the conference and anticipate to see change within the country’s Primary Health Care System.  Some Allied Health Professionals acknowledged that there are a lot of positive practices in the Seychelles’ current primary health care system and these practices need to be shared. Others recommended that communication and availability of resources are improved to facilitate both the patients and health worker.

Primary health care is fundamental to a country, especially in the areas of health prevention, health protection and health promotion.