The HPC, mission is to ensure that all Allied Health Professionals are competent to practice and to protect the public by promoting the highest possible professional standards. The current strategic plan for 2020-2025 is a document of paramount importance for the Council, particularly in decision-making and planning of activities in line with the two sub-programmes; being enforcement and capacity building. Review of the document is crucial as, it sets the course for the next five years, providing an overarching framework of goals and objectives that establish priorities and inform decision-making.

The current board will be undertaking necessary preliminary steps as of this year to prepare for the next strategic document while continuing the implementation of the existing one. To achieve the completion of a new strategic document for the next five years is it paramount to first assess the effectiveness of the current one.

Values integrated within the strategic plan are guiding principles. They are indicative of how an entity operates to achieve its strategic goals. Those listed in our current plan are Professionalism, Quality, Teamwork & Partnership, Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability. These values, ‘Guiding Compass’ is necessary not only for the development of the strategic plan but its implementation as well. Strategy implementation turns plans into action. It is a concept considered vital to any strategic plan. Various sources quote it as a 5-step, 6-step, or 7-step process.

     TALK TO US. Registrants, what are your views on any strategy implementation step process?

Strategic planning does not only apply to organisations, but it also applies to YOU. Have you considered YOUR Strategic Career Plan as an allied health professional? Planning for YOU benefits the health of our Nation. Going forward, it is evident that our commitment to the public and the registrants we serve is unwavering. We are excited to embark on this path to produce and implement a new strategic plan for 2026-2030.


 “Together, we will transform tomorrow” Dr. Gayle E.Hutchinson


Contributor: Morison Julie (HPC Chairperson) & Marie-Michelle Lailam (HPC Vice Chairperson) August 2023