Election: The Newly Elected HPC 2018 – 2020

Just a few hours ago, the new board members of the Health Professionals Council were elected by their fellow peers in the 4th Annual General Meeting which took place at the STC Conference Room. A total of fifteen (15) nominees stood for the election of which only ten were selected, with the highest number of votes. The new Council consists as follows:

  1. Corinne Lavigne (56); 2. Lisa Chetty (55); 3. Catriona Monthy (55); 4. Lindy Poris (53); 5. Nadia Valentin (53); 6. Kenny King (49); 7. Melina Amedée (48); 8. Salim Ebrahim (47); 9. Stephanie Desnousse (43); 10. Alain Julie (42).


It is to be noted that there was a tie with regards to the number of votes between Alain Julie (42) and Antoine Ally (42), with the latter relinquishing the seat on the new Council to Alain Julie. Out of the ten newly elected members of the HPC, six (6) of them have retained their seats by being re-elected back in. Four members from the previous Council did not stand for re-election in view that they had served two consecutive two-year terms. They are Patricia Rene, Daniel Belmont, Wahida Payet & Joanne Pragassen.

As per the HPC Act, the minister of health will now need to appoint three (3) other members to the Board to fill in all 13 seats.

We wish the new Council all the best in their tasks ahead in protecting the Allied Health professions and the public against allied health malpractices.

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