Last Friday, 4th October 2019, HPC members involved with Education & Training took the opportunity to bring CPD sessions to 3 different regions on Mahe; that was Anse Royale, English River and Beau Vallon. The aim of these CPD sessions were to bring talks about the “Point System”, currently being introduced by HPC, closer to its registrants working in these regions. The point system is being implemented to encourage registrants to engage and be involved in their own professional development; a HPC requirement for re-registration of registrants.

The HPC members received many questions from participants, were they took the opportunity to guide the participants / registrants to better understand the process and clarifying what is required of them to successfully complete their porfolio, which they also have to submitting upon renewal of their registration.

Two other presentations were organized on that day; which varied across the locations.

Feedback received from participants/registrants were positive.Registrants are reminded that to this day forth the point system is FULLY OPERATIONAL.

HPC hopes that the point system is now much clearer for its registrants. However, those who still have questions or require clarifications can still direct their queries to HPC office.