Before you submit your questions to us, please go over the FAQs below to see if your questions haven’t already been answered:

Q - Is it compulsary to to register with the HPC?

A. Yes. If you are a trained health professional (other than a doctor, dentist or nurse) and you would like to practice in Seychelles, you have to register with HPC. It is a requirement of the law.

Q - I have already registered with the HPC but my details do not appear on the online Register. Why?

A. If you have already registered with the HPC, it could be because: 1. The online database has not been updated, in which case you can notify the HPC 2. Your registration has been temporarily revoked pending investigation. In this case, you should have been notified 3. Your registration period has expired. To re-register, please follow application procedures by clicking here.

Q - I am a member of HPC and recently got married. Do i need to notify the HPC?

A. Yes. You will need to notify the HPC as this will involve change of name in your personal records. You will also be required to submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the HPC.

Q - I am currently overseas and wish to work as a health professional in Seychelles. What are the procedures?

A. To ensure that you receive the most updated and relevant information depending on your location, you are advised to send an email to the Registrar ( or or call +248 4303745. We are GMT+4.

Q - I need a letter of good standing of professional status. How do I request this?

A. Submit your request to the HPC Registrar who will advise further. You can send an email or make a phone call. Please note that issuing of ‘certificates of good character’ will attract a fee.

Q - I have had one terrible customer service experience with one particular health professional. How do I report him/ her?

A. You can make your report by either phoning the HPC’s office, send a letter addressed to the HPC Chairperson or use our Complaints feature on this webpage to lodge your complaint.
Note: When sending complaints against a particular health professional, it is important to give details such as full name and profession. Should you need further assistance, kindly contact the HPC Registrar who shall advise further.

Q - I am taking a career break. Do I need to notify the HPC?

A. If you are taking a career break during your period of registration, there is no need to inform the HPC. However, if you do not wish to renew your registration after it expires, it will help to notify HPC.

Q - Do I need to provide a transcipt as well with my application?

A. Yes. This will facilitate the verification process of your application.