This section should provide ample information on the procedure for raising a concern about a professional on or off our Register.

Anyone can raise a concern about a registrant. This includes other professionals (in the health field or others), members of the public, employees, employers and the police. For a particular concern to be followed up, the person raising the latter must provide his/her name and a valid email address. Concerns submitted anonymously will not normally be processed. The reason for such is that the HPC wants to operate a fair and clean process. Nonetheless, in view that our main function is to protect the public/clients, if information supplied relates to serious accusations and raises doubt about the registrant’s fitness to practice, the HPC may consider launching a full investigation.

For a more efficient HPC, we recommend that concerns are raised as close to the events as possible. This will ensure that the best possible evidence are available and we can get in contact with people who can remember the events.

Please use the Complaint box below to submit your concerns. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know below:

Please use the COMPLAINT FORM if you want to physically bring your complaint to the HPC’s office.