Dear Readers,

I welcome you to the HPC (Seychelles) webpage. The role of the Council, governed by the Health Professionals Council Act of 2006, is to regulate health professionals covered under the latter.

Our primary mission is to protect the public and the professions. As such, we as health professionals need to establish a good working relationship with the public to reflect a positive image on our noble professions. The Council, being a newly formed organization, is working towards achieving high standards of practice by all health professionals for the people of Seychelles. Efforts are concentrated on ensuring that all health professionals working in the Seychelles are registered by the Council as is required by the Act. Failure to comply is illegal and disciplinary and legal actions will be taken against any professional found to be in breach of the Act.

Continuous professional development (CPD) of health professionals is also an important asset. With new innovations in technology, patient care and research methodologies, it is fundamental that health professionals keep abreast with the ever-changing dynamics of the health profession. This will ensure sustenance of profession, quality services and ultimately customer satisfaction. I therefore encourage all health professionals to register and comply with the requirements of the law and professional ethos as this will ensure high standards of practice and add value to our professions.

Patricia Rene (Mrs.)
Chairperson HPC

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