The Health Professionals Council (Seychelles), herewith referred to as HPC, was established in 2012 and is mandated to regulate ALL health professions in Seychelles (excluding doctors, nurses and midwives) and to monitor the compliance by health professionals to established laws & regulations. The Council is made up of thirteen members, of which ten (10) are elected by the general assembly of health professionals and three (3) are nominated by the Minister of Health. The HPC regulates forty-two (42) health professions as at 1st September 2015. These professions are derived from seventeen health fields that are covered under the scope of the HPC Act of 2006. These are:

1. Acupuncture 10. Health Statistics
2. Audiology 11. Occupational Therapy
3. Biomedical Engineering 12. Optometry
4. Biomedical Science 13. Psychology
5. Pharmacy 14. Physiotherapy
6. Radiology 15. Prosthetics
7. Dentistry 16. Public Health
8. Emergency Care  17. Speech Pathology
9. Health Education

The above-mentioned professions are what is called ‘protected titles‘. All individuals who are practicing these professions in Seychelles MUST be registered with the HPC. It is against Seychelles law to be practicing in these medical fields whilst unregistered. Failure to comply will result in a fine amounting to SCR25,000 or three (3) years imprisonment. For registration procedures, please proceed here.

The graph & chart below outlines the different professions and their respective number of registrants as at 16th July 2016: