It is your responsibility as an Allied Health Professional to ensure that your registration with the Health Professionals Council Seychelles is current and valid. It is against Seychelles’ law as an Allied Health Professional without a valid registration ( Health Professionals Act 2006).

Number of registrants as at 16th July 2016

Public Health Officers 76#
Pharmacy Technician 77#
Biomedical Lab Technician 64#
Dental Surgery Technician 73#

Meet the Council Members

The following Council members are currently in office as at 31st July 2016. They will serve for a period of two (2) years until the re-election in 2018.


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Publications & Guiding Documents

The following publications are exclusively provided by the Health Professionals Council (Seychelles). Please feel free to download.


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Ensure safe lifting technique

  • Be careful how you lift all those heavy boxes. Be aware of the best lifting techniques always –keeping the feet wide apart, bending the knees and maintaining the natural curve of the spine always. If need be, seek for help from another person to assist with the lifting.